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Raquet Man: Steve Calechman

Talking tennis with Boston Lobsters announcer Steve Calechman. By Lindsay Lambert

By all accounts, tennis is a serious sport, from its reverent crowds to its sobersided chair umpires. But for Boston Lobsters announcer and bona fide funny man Steve Calechman, now in his fifth year calling matches for the team, the game is anything but. This summer, the Salem resident will be back at Middleton’s Ferncroft Country Club to make sure Lobster fans are having a ball.

What’s your dream singles match-up? Roger Federer versus Rafael Nadal, 2007 U.S. Open. It’s the only Grand Slam final where they haven’t met. Federer was at his peak. Nadal was on the rise. I’d also want to take on Federer. I’m not thinking that it would be the championship, maybe first, probably second round. My belief is that I could win one point, and my guess is that it would happen early in the first set. He’d still be adjusting to the change of pace and shank one over the fence.

And doubles? Federer and Nadal versus Bob and Mike Bryan-individual talent against the unit. It would be great to see which one was stronger. They could build a hospital from the ticket sales.

Forehand or backhand? Two-handed backhand all day long, thanks to Bjorn Borg.

What’s your favorite part about match days? I have a few. Selfishly, when the opposing team realizes that I am in fact going to be talking the whole match and mocking them. I love making player introductions, especially Eric Butorac. Watching that man chest bump a mascot and low-five a ball kid receiving line is a thing of art.

Ever made any big gaffes? I’ve unfortunately mangled some names. Sorry, Roman Borvanov. I also once wasn’t paying enough attention and ended up talking while Venus Williams was into her service motion. She has an excellent, effective that’s-enough-out-of-you look.

What should Lobsters fans look forward to this season? Orange County and Sacramento are coming in. That doesn’t usually happen. John Isner is back for a third season. His serve really needs to be witnessed in person. I think that he might actually dent the court this year. I’d also like to see a marriage proposal at a match. We haven’t had one yet, and we should. We serve wine. We’re a loving place.