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 Halloween is on a Friday this year, and while the beginning of the night may be about trick-or-treating and time with the kids, there is certainly time for adult celebration afterward. Hometalk – the largest home and garden social network on the web – is here to help you throw an eerie yet elegant Halloween dinner party.

From dreadfully delightful décor to frighteningly festive furnishings, here’s a roundup of their selections for the top 5 Halloween table settings.


Creepy Runner

Ripped cheesecloth or shredded black webbing make great table runners, and can be arranged messily around platters and bottles for a creepy clingy texture.


Candles & Candelabras

Set up different heights of dramatic candle holders and candelabras. To create the illusion of bloody, dripping wax, try melting a red crayon over the tip of a long plain candle.


Gargoyle Centerpiece

If you’re really looking to spook your guests, place an intimidating gargoyle yard statue in the center of your table – the ultimate stare down! Spooky Utensils Switch out regular drink bottles for glass bottles labeled with poison warnings and skull and crossbones.


Un-Welcome Signs

Decorate the entryway of your dining room with warning and “keep out” signs, to keep with the Halloween spirit and theme.


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