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Suburban Mom Gets Sexy Makeover

In celebration of all that is sexy in the suburbs, Northshore Magazine took part in sponsoring the showcase event, Fabulous in Full Force, in June. Along with ...
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A New Look at Consignment

With today's high gas prices and sluggish economy, it's no wonder luxury retailers are fretting. Consumers are feeling the squeeze, rethinking that quick jaunt...
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Out With the Old?

When is it worth rebuilding a house and when is it a teardown?Your home just isn't cutting it anymore. Maybe you need more space. Maybe you need less space. Ma...
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In the Zone

Make sure to get zoning advice before you buyI get a lot of calls from people who have found great lots in great locations with not-so-great homes on them. The...
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We’ve got Spirit, and Spring Style Too!

Family-friendly Fraser Field. It's a tongue twister for sure, but it's what North Shore Spirit owner Nick Lopardo envisioned when he purchased the team in 2003...