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Defying Gravity

NSM's Editor-in-Chief gives a firsthand, er first-face, account on smoothing some lines and plumping up the volume, all without going under the knife.True agel...
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Suburban Mom Gets Sexy Makeover

In celebration of all that is sexy in the suburbs, Northshore Magazine took part in sponsoring the showcase event, Fabulous in Full Force, in June. Along with ...
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A New Look at Consignment

With today's high gas prices and sluggish economy, it's no wonder luxury retailers are fretting. Consumers are feeling the squeeze, rethinking that quick jaunt...
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Learning to Lobster

Having launched my first powerboat last summer at age 48 (growing up is overrated) I have been lured to the magic of the North Shore coastline, its seas and al...
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Fly Fishing the North Shore

It's 7A.M. The sun is low over the pines lining the shore of Baldpate Pond in Boxford. The water is completely still, and as I paddle away from shore, a male m...
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Out With the Old?

When is it worth rebuilding a house and when is it a teardown?Your home just isn't cutting it anymore. Maybe you need more space. Maybe you need less space. Ma...