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Today, Americans are more active than ever before. They’ve increased spending on everything from gym memberships to travel for sports and recreation activities. However, fitness is not the only component of this trend toward healthier lifestyles.

As Americans live longer and feel better, they also want to look as young as they feel. If you are thinking about facial and skin rejuvenation, consider these steps in choosing the best program for your needs.


  1. Set realistic goals. This whole journey is about you. Therefore, it is important that you set short- and long-term goals for the journey. Start by thinking about how you feel. Does the way that you look match the way that you feel about yourself? Are you full of energy but look tired? Would you like to have less of a dimple when you smile? Look in the mirror and think about the best version of you. It’s different for everyone. Consider your eyes, nose, mouth, neck, and the symmetry of your face in making your assessment as well as your body and hair. Be realistic and honest with yourself about what you really want to see changed.
  2. Write your goals down. After thinking about your goals, document, in detail, your assessment. Take a selfie, print it out, and make notes on it about areas that are important to achieving your goals. If you look back at pictures of yourself when you were younger and long to look like that again, include those pictures (with notations) in your documentation. Being able to clearly describe the best version of you to a medical specialist will help you make more informed decisions about solutions and a provider.
  3. Do your research. Learn about the different procedures available so you will be confident in asking potential medical specialists the right questions. The internet is a tremendous source of information. Find the website of a top-ranked cosmetic surgeon and read the descriptions of solutions, including skin care, fillers, paralytics, and cosmetic surgery procedures. Understand the basic uses of Botox, chemical peels, micro-needling, liposuction, and cool lifts. One procedure or a combination of solutions may be right for you.
  4. Find an expert. Your source of a medical specialist should not be Groupon or the doctor that your friend went to. It shouldn’t be the cheapest option either. Identify five or more top providers in your area. Review their websites. Identify the process that they suggest patients follow. Do they simply list a series of services or do they focus on you and your needs? Do they suggest one-solution-fits-all remedies or do they outline a combination of therapies? Does your consultation involve a specialist, nurse, or an advanced practice registered nurse? Is there more than one set of eyes involved in building a long-term care plan? Will a doctor review and sign off on each procedure per medical regulations? Answering these questions for each specialist will give you a higher probability of selecting the best one for you.
  5. Listen to that expert. Once you narrow your search, set up initial consultations. You don’t have to select the first provider that you visit. Often the initial consultation is free. This will further help you answer any of the above questions not addressed by your online research. Is the expert interested in you and your vision of the best version of yourself or primarily in selling his or her skills and experience? Does he or she outline a full course of treatment and explain how combining different therapies may increase their effectiveness and longevity? For example, Botox injections combined with IV hydration therapy can increase the injection’s effectiveness by as much as 30 percent.

6.Build a long-term plan. In most cases, facial and skin rejuvenation involves a long-term plan covering simple changes in your daily skin care and protection routine, cosmetic procedures outlined by your medical specialist, and any procedure’s follow-on care. Make sure you have a clear written plan to produce and maintain your vision.

The Novo Sano Difference


North Shore residents can choose from a variety of med-spas, many with excellent reputations for providing individual solutions for skin rejuvenation. However, Nova Sano Med Spa sets itself apart for the following reasons:


  1. Their process is all about you. In your initial consultation, they are interested in hearing your goals and description of what you would like to do to achieve the best version of yourself. They want to know what motivates your decision to look and feel better, whether the answer is to feel more confident in searching for a new position or to re-enter social life after many years.
  2. They believe that no single solution will achieve most patients’ objectives. It is important to review the combination of solutions and integrate therapies that will produce the most effective result. By combining medical aesthetics with skin care, IV hydration, and aftercare products, they help build a long-term program to meet your objectives. The process is a combination of science (the right procedures) and art (having the eye to produce the best results).
  3. They are medically compliant. The laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts are complicated but clear on what is required to be compliant on cosmetic and dermatological procedures. From having medical supervision in the diagnosis and development of a treatment plan to having licensed and certified professionals carry out the procedures, Novo Sano meets the state’s strict requirements. Not everyone does.
  4. They have multiple locations in Wellesley, North Andover, Winchester, and Rowley to serve your needs. All follow the same protocols and meet the same very high standards.





Make sure that you select the right provider. You can see the potential consequences if you don’t each week on E!’s Botched. Contact Novo Sano Med Spa for a consultation on how to be the best version of you!

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