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COVID-19 has forced hundreds of thousands of restaurants across the country to close their dining areas and move to takeout and delivery only. Owners and chefs across the industry scramble to adjust to the changing landscape. MassPay, headquartered in Beverly, Massachusetts, and normally focused on transforming the employer-employee relationship and experience, is pivoting to expand its focus to help restaurants stay in business during the pandemic.

MassPay, in association The Massachusetts Restaurant Association (MRA), Samuel Adams, and The Greg Hill Foundation via the Restaurant Strong Fund, Dole & Bailey, Incentivio, and Image Unlimited Communications, has created to launch a movement asking people to support local restaurants by ordering takeout once per week if they are able.

“The Massachusetts Restaurant Association is on the frontlines in this effort and this welcomed and needed content is a great vehicle to drive general awareness and support to several initiatives including, The Restaurant Strong Fund and, which is an owner/operator free platform for restaurants to list their delivery and takeout information and menus. We applaud MassPay on this effort,” says Kerry Miller, vice president of operations at The Massachusetts Restaurant Association. hosts a trailer for a new docuseries StayInTakeOut, providing an intimate look at how restaurants are reinventing themselves to survive in these difficult times. New stories are released weekly.

“We provide human resources and payroll services to hundreds of restaurants and have seen first-hand the devastating effect that COVID-19 has had on the industry,” says Jason Maxwell, founder and CEO, MassPay. “We want to do our part to help these businesses and the people they support.”

You can help in 3 simple ways:

1.      Order Take Out—once a week makes a difference

2.      Spread the Love—tell others and post #StayInTakeOut and #carryoutMA on social media sites

3.      Share your stories, pictures, and videos on

“Help us spread the word by sharing this message and encouraging your family and friends to join the Restaurant Love movement,” adds Jack Blaeser, president at MassPay.