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Northshore employs an integrated and consultative approach to marketing that leverages our unified audience of pre-qualified readers across multiple, yet complimentary media channels. For advertising information, please email:

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Northshore Jan/Feb 2024

Reach qualified and engaged readers who lead affluent lifestyles and have the buying power to invest in high-end goods and services. Our distribution extends beyond the traditional North Shore’s 50 distinct towns to include surrounding counties in our region. People come from all over to shop, work, and play on the North Shore.

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For 20 years, Northshore magazine has been the center of influence on the North Shore, providing our educated, social and affluent audience with the resources they need to make quality of life decisions.

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Northshore Home Winter 2024

Northshore Home magazine highlights the best in architectural design, new construction and renovations, interiors, and landscape design. It is the ultimate resource for homeowners and showcases our shelter-category advertisers and partners as experts in their field of design.

Current Northshore Home Media Kit

Northshore Digital
We are committed to bringing your brand’s vision to life through original, well designed and engineered digital experiences. Our online advertising programs include a full suite of digital options to help extend your audience reach.
Northshore Signature Event Sponsorships
Our signature events bring the authenticity and sophistication of Northshore magazine to life. Each event incorporates exclusive sponsorship opportunities personalized for brands to meet their needs and reach a desired audience. We create unforgettable experiences that further engage our readers and enthusiasts. For more information, email or call 978-623-0029.