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It doesn’t matter if you live by the beach, in the city or in the countryside; elements of a beach lifestyle can be brought home with one of these recipes for success.


Coastal Kitchen 1: Gresley Abas Architects, original photo on Houzz


1. Industrial Coastal


?Cool, polished concrete floors with a chunky aggregate

?A good dose of casual modern style with plywood cabinetry

?Closed cabinets combined with open shelving to balance the weight of the wood

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Method: Start with your choice of wood cabinetry and concrete flooring, then mix in black metal elements to add edge. Serve a colorful geometric backsplash on the side.

Description for your interior designer: Clean lines, open, minimalist.


Coastal Kitchen 2: Join Constructions, original photo on Houzz


2. Modern Ocean Views


?Materials and finishes in a limited color palette

?Light wood tones to create a beachy vibe

?Workstations such as the sink and stove facing any views

?Built-in outdoor dining table. This is a clever way of creating virtually seamless lines, allowing the view to take center stage

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Method: Take inspiration from nature. Go for a beach walk to draw in the colors of bleached driftwood and white sand. Implement these into your mixture with a dash of contrasting colors such as ironstone to ground the palette.

Description for your interior designer: Light wood, natural palette, straight lines.


Coastal Kitchen 3: Wideline Windows & Doors, original photo on Houzz


3. Coastal Calming Blues


?Soft blues, borrowed from the underside of a seashell or a duck egg

?Fresh whites and pastel grays that work well with calming blues

Method: Work in soft blues with midtone woods to add contrast. If you are hungry for impact, go for a soft blue cabinet color, or start small by painting a furniture piece, such as a hutch or kitchen stool, in this serene color. It’s better to underdo than overdo a soft blue tone. Keep the tone to one or two selected areas.

Description for your interior designer: Soft, elegant, breezy, cool.


Coastal Kitchen 4: Live by the Sea Photography, original photo on Houzz


4. Fresh White


?Lots of white

?Cabinetry in the same color as the surrounding walls to unify the kitchen with the rest of the house

?Cabinets that run up to the ceiling, to enhance the sense of spaciousness

Method: Mix a little warmth into a fresh all-white palette with wood. From there, add your favorite colors as garnishes.

Description for your interior designer: Clean, white, fresh, calming.

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Coastal Kitchen 5: Richard Whitbread, original photo on Houzz


5. Classic Coastal


?Marble countertops, a timeless classic for a coastal home

?A white-and-black color palette, for a foolproof interior that will never date

?Greenery to soften the contrasting neutrals. A key plant for classical coastal kitchens is Monstera deliciosa

?Classic midcentury furniture pieces to add charm

Method: Throw in some fun patterns to break up blocks of black and white, while keeping within a monochromatic color scheme.

Description for your interior designer: Understated, uncluttered, timeless, light.


Kitchen 6: Carole Tretheway Design, original photo on Houzz


6. Laid-Back Beach


?Pared-back style with lots of fresh white

?Wooden accents. Pendant lights are a must.

Method: All white doesn’t have to be boring. Add texture through wall paneling and exposed rafters for interest.

Description for your interior designer: Minimalist, bright, clean, casual.