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Spring’s arrival brings the desire for a fresh start. Feeling clean and organized makes everything else seem easier (no matter how many times the laundry seems to pile up on your bedroom chair, putting it away always feels like a million bucks – celebrate the small wins, I say). 

Regardless of lifestyle, cleaning is something you likely do. Even if you have a housekeeper, you’re probably not exempt from picking up after yourself, your family, your friends, or your pet. Depending on your perspective, the act of cleaning has the potential to be an enjoyable activity or a dreaded task. Enter LightHaus, a line of natural home cleaning products that aims to “bring magic and intention into the home and to everyday life.” 

Co-founders Erica Feldmann and Jessica Lavoie created LightHaus out of a shared desire to find safe and effective cleaning products. It’s not such a radical idea; the desire to fill our homes with products that are non-toxic isn’t revolutionary, but as anyone who has done even a little bit of research knows, finding the “green” in cleaning products is often about as easy as snapping your fingers and having the house clean itself. Further inspiring this venture was the inspiration to take these products to a higher level by infusing them with crystals and plant essences. 

LightHaus wants to redefine cleaning while remaining approachable. Their goal is to encourage people to shift their mindsets and turn the act of cleaning into a “moving meditation.” Intentional cleaning has the power to be all at once a time saver and a multi-tasker – you are, if you’ll pardon the play on words, renewing your home and spirit at the same time.

The entire LightHaus line might be in your future, but where should you start?

Abracadabra: Frankincense and Citrus All-Purpose Cleaner to Elevate + Uplift

If you’re looking for overall uplifting energy (who isn’t?) and a non-toxic universal cleaner, the Abracadabra all-purpose cleaner and concentrate is all that and then some. It contains the essence of Apophyllite, which is thought to promote positive vibes and energy.

Holy Smoke: Sage Spray for Clearing + Freshness

To refresh, cleanse, and clear stagnant energy, turn to Holy Smoke sage spray. This spray is LightHaus’s answer to toxic air fresheners and burning white sage, which is often either impossible or inappropriate. 

Sacred Ground: Spruce and Arborvitae Floor Cleaner for Grounding + Protection

This floor wash is safe and effective on all floors and emits a grounding, protective energy. It also smells like a forest. Repeat the magic words “I am rooted down deep as I clean beneath my feet” for full effect. 

LightHaus products are made with all organic and plant-based ingredients as well as sustainably harvested oils. While taking cleaning to the next level is awesome, it was not awesome enough for these founders, who had a vision for LightHaus far bigger than themselves, which is why seven percent of all LightHaus sales go to Charity: Water, an organization that brings clean water to communities around the world. 

You can find LightHaus products at local farmers markets and in store at HausWitchin downtown Salem. You can visit their websiteto shop or check their market schedule and follow them on Instagram @lighthausmagic.