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Photograph by Tracy Aiguier


Navigate the runways with this step-by-step guide. By Aricia Symes-Elmer // photographs by Tracy Aiguier



Celebrate your love of fashion at this year’s Boston Fashion Week, running from September 27 through October 5. The runways will be busy, but it’s not only about fashion shows. It’s a week when the local fashion industry comes together to preview Boston area designers, offer design workshops, and, of course, and throw blowout parties.


Step 1: Curate your own fashion experience


See how easy it is to be part of the fashion scene. Visit for listings of special events and shows in myriad venues.


Don’t be confused—every listing has its own event information. Some are free public events, others are by invitation only. Most event hosts sell tickets from their own sites.


Though they are not doing a tent this year, the majority of the events provide direct access to designers, so guests can meet them personally.


Insider Tip:  If you take the time to seek out a designer who catches your attention, you may request an invite to get on their VIP guest list.


Step 2  Plan your evening


Rally the troops or grab your best girlfriend. Don’t miss the receptions and presentations—they are a great way to begin the evening and the perfect place to pick up ideas from area experts. After parties are a must, too—that’s where things really get sizzling and everyone gets up on stage!


Insider Tip: Consider wearing a local designer’s clothes to support the mission. Choose something unique that was designed in Boston.


Step 3 Get your fashion on!


New York isn’t the only mecca for fashionistas. This is your moment to hit the town wearing that piece from the back of your closet that you’ve been waiting to wear—maybe those crazy leather leggings or wild dress that was never quite right for the occasion. Now is your chance to fit in. There is no such thing as being too fashion-forward at Boston Fashion Week.


Insider Tip: You may want to book a car if you plan on breaking out (but not breaking) your highest heels.