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max lane, ron stone, steve nelson, ilia Jarostchuk

Still trying to figure out where to watch Super Bowl LIII?  Last minute travel plans to Atlanta aside, it’s going to be tough to one up the likes of Max Lane, Ilia Jarostchuk, Steve Nelson & Ron Stone.  The four former NFL players are currently in Moscow, Russia to attend The Super Bowl Grand Moscow party.

According to a poll on the NFLUS.RU website, it appears that Lane, Nelson & Jarostchuk (the first Russian to play for the New England Patriots) will be dealing with a split fanbase at the event.  Currently, 45% of the poll participates are rooting for the Patriots, 43% for the Rams, and 12% just love the game!

moscow super bowl party

Tickets for the event range from $50 to just over $900 for VIP, and the venue looks like a great place to catch the big game.  Maybe put it on your social calendar for 2020 and Super Bowl LIV?