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Haverhill, MA  – Ruth’s House, which supplies as many as 2,000 articles of clothing to Greater Merrimack Valley residents each month, is pleased to announce they have received a $25,500 grant from the George C. Wadleigh Foundation. The George C. Wadleigh Foundation awards grants to organizations caring for indigent individuals in the Greater Haverhill area. Across Massachusetts, families account for 35% of those facing homelessness. Nearly one-fifth of all people experiencing homelessness are children under age 18 (AHAR, 2016). “In 2018, Ruth’s House provided 11,157 articles of clothing to the local indigent population,” said Barbara Donegan, President of the Board of Directors of Ruth’s House. “We are eternally grateful to the George C. Wadleigh Foundation for continuing to provide support for our youth and Haverhill citizens.” Donegan said that the grant will help Ruth’s House provide coats, gloves, and clothing, and job training to keep seniors engaged in their communities. Ruth’s House has been a staple of Haverhill since its foundation in 1992. At Ruth’s House, clients find clothing and houseware items at a great price, while purchases directly supports the organization’s mission. Ruth’s House relies on community-donated items to sell in the Thrift Shop. Every piece of donated clothing is handled by their donation receiver, unpacked, inspected for quality, priced, and then moved to the store floor for both clients receiving vouchers and customers who purchase clothing. The grant supports Ruth’s House Client Clothing Program, Child Pajama Program, Sock and Underwear Program, and Bra Program, among others.
  • Client Clothing Program — Seniors are eligible for a $50 clothing voucher, four times a year, which they can use to purchase boots, shoes and any clothing they require. The Client Clothing Program Coordinator books appointments, meets with clients, and explains how the voucher program works. Clients are offered information about food pantries, community meals, heating assistance, food stamps, housing, and other Haverhill services.
  • As part of the Client Clothing Program — Ruth’s House is committed to supporting grandparents raising their grandchildren as their own.  We provide vouchers for children in their care, and for the grandparents themselves. This program serves low income grandparents who are receiving aid, as qualifies.
  • Child Pajamas Program — In partnership with local organizations, Ruth’s House donates pajamas to more than 200 children in the Merrimack Valley. Our goal for 2019 is to provide a new pair of pajamas for every child in our client base — 700-800 sets of pajamas!
  • Underwear and Socks Program — Ruth’s House provided these basic clothing necessities to more than 2,400 individuals in 2018. 25% were elderly clients and 30% were children.
  • Bra Program — Three gently used or new bras and toiletries are offered as needed.
About Ruth’s House Ruth’s House is committed to providing clothing and employment training opportunities with the greatest level of care, compassion and dignity to individuals and families in need throughout the Greater Merrimack Valley. Through the support of donors and funders, Ruth’s House has been able to address some of the community’s most pressing needs, including warm clothing, basic need items and education. Ruth’s Thrift Shop is located at 111 Lafayette Street in Haverhill, Massachusetts. Visit