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Earlier this fall, Royal Jewelers teamed up with Lawrence General Hospital, which, at first glance, might seem like an unlikely partner for an evening event at one of the North Shore’s premier jewelers. But upon closer inspection, the night made perfect sense—a well-known and well-respected retailer opening its doors to a local hospital devoted to caring for those who work, live, and play on the North Shore. Together, the leadership of both organizations saw the benefit of a gathering where donors and prospective donors of Lawrence General Hospital could enjoy an evening in downtown Andover. Their hunch paid off—the shop was filled with local donors and community members eager to learn more about LGH, and Steven and Paula Leed, co-presidents and co-owners of Royal Jewelers were happy to open their doors to hospital leadership, medical staff, and their own clientele. 

The night was alive with the buzz of a crowd excited to learn more about LGH’s new undertakings and to shop the amazing jewelry selection. The importance of a quality, community hospital is not lost on the team at LGH, or on Steven Leed, who explained why this pairing made so much sense. “We are all about community, and partnering with LGH and providing an opportunity for community members to interact with local doctors and hospital staff was an event we were happy to be a part of.” 

LGH leadership was eager to highlight new improvements at their hospital, including in the Heart and Vascular Center, which prides itself on providing quality care for a host of heart and vascular conditions. Dianne Anderson, president and CEO of LGH, said that the Royal Jewelers event speaks to “the essence of the face to face connection” that they want to create. “It’s so importance to us to get a sense of what matters to real people in our local communities,” Anderson said. “We care about the Merrimack Valley community, and tonight’s event is a wonderful way to showcase that.” 

Kelly Clark, chief development officer at LGH, echoed that sentiment. “So many of our patients live in the area and we wanted to have a real opportunity for donors and patients to connect with hospital leadership outside of a traditional hospital setting,” she explained. 

Dr. Ziad Alfarah, chief medical officer at LGH, emphasized the need to make sure local communities are aware of the type of care available at LGH. “Becoming a regional medical center is all about keeping care local,” said Alfarah. “We want to compete with the care available in Boston and we have taken so many steps to ensure that we are providing the highest quality care [to those in the Merrimack Valley].” For LGH, Alfarah said it’s about “assembling the right physicians and the right skills” and working to build relationships locally.

The hospital plans to continue to connect with local residents at future events and spread the word about the care available to the community they care so much about.