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Many people, including myself, tend to not get upset when the chilly atmosphere of fall replaces the sunshine soaked days of summer. The decrease in temperature means that October is coming, and, as any true North Shore resident would know, with October comes the Topsfield Fair, only one of the most exciting and biggest events to happen during the fall.

Combine blue ribbon pigs and gigantic hand grown pumpkins with food that will make your mouth water just by the smell and activities that will keep you occupied for days and you have got the basics of the fair, just the basics. This year the fair which is scheduled to start on October 2nd and go till the 12th will have everything from the largest beekeeping and honey show in North America to sand sculptors and animal exhibits. Fireworks, rides and exhibits are always part of the package deal but this year I am especially excited for the performers.

I am going back to my childhood days, remembering when I would play on my swing set with my little red Sony boom box and belt out LeAnn Rimes as loud as I could, until my mom would yell at me to come in for dinner. Words can hardly express the excitement I have, along with thousands of other people I’m sure, that LeAnn Rimes will be performing at the fair this year, along with SHeDAISY, Heidi Newfield, and Susan Tedeschi. It’s a mini country-fest in the heart of October. I’ll be singing along to all the songs, but I have to warn you ahead of time, my singing hasn’t improved much since I was little so I would advise you not to get too close, it wont sound good.

I’m also looking forward to seeing Jeff Corwin’s exhibit “Tales from the Field.” His fun personality combined with his endless knowledge of animals and the environment will make it worthwhile to check out, plus I can only imagine how many unique animals he will have there. 

There will be thousands of people there everyday and even though it sounds crowded the people are what make it exciting. Everyone will be laughing, and going on the rides, and enjoying the food, but most importantly I have to remember to take it all in because this legendary fair only comes around once a year, and trust me it is the longest 364 days of waiting. 

If you plan on attending this year make sure you check out to get a full list of events and vendors that are going. Hope to see you there! 

– Lauren Carelli