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The Flipside Crew

Corin Ashley, Singer, Flipside, Malden. By Kiley Jacques

His job: Singer/guitarist in the wedding band Flipside.

His bandmates: “I’m the classic rock guy, and I play a lot of acoustic guitar; our lead singers are a bit younger and more attuned to what’s happening in Top 40 pop. We have a monster soulful Hammond organ player, and an awesome drummer; the sax player is a jazz genius-he’s from Barbados, so he’s got the island vibe. Our bass player is a professor at Berklee; plus, everybody in the band sings.”

Favorite covers: “The songs that make people yell ‘Wooo!’ involuntarily and run to the dance floor. There’s nothing like the honest joy people feel when they hear a song they love.”

Favorite North Shore venue: “All of them! But I particularly enjoy playing at the Crane Estate, and the team at the Peabody Essex Museum is always great. I really like Willowdale in Topsfield, too. I think that’s a great spot to do an acoustic guitar cocktail hour.”

Silliest thing a wedding guest has done: “I [saw] a man fall down on the dance floor and get up and continue dancing with a wine glass stuck in his back. I’ve got some good stories, but I’m saving them for my book someday.”