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Built in 1805, this mortice and tenon farm building on Route 1A in Rowley was later used as part of a local trucking business by the Todd family.

In 1984, 23-year-old Bob Cianfrocca bought the dilapidated building and began restoring it – by hand!

Over the course of two years, Cianfrocca shored up the foundation, replacing rotten floorboards, splicing in new posts, and custom milling floor joists to match the existing ones. After adding new siding and a new roof, Cianfrocca installed a custom-made door unit to enhance the beauty of the building without detracting from the barn’s original flavor.

In 1986, exhibit space was rented to 12 antiques dealers and Salt Marsh Antiques was open and ready for business. In 1998, an addition was built to accommodate some of the many dealers who had expressed interest in showing their wares in the space. Today, the shop now accommodates 35 exhibitors and attracts customers from throughout the region.