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With an eye for beauty and decades of experience, the company transforms rooms for very happy clients.


Rob McGuire, the founder of McGuire + Co. Kitchen & Bath, built a sterling profile as a general contractor and business owner. At heart, he is a carpenter, having acquired his skills and passion through decades of work. McGuire has a penchant for old homes, and feels privileged to have worked on a cache of estates throughout New England. One home in Newton had an original custom window frame with an intricate lace pattern. When McGuire couldn’t find a good replacement, he stripped the frame, broke it down, and rebuilt it himself.

At the McGuire + Co. Kitchen & Bath showroom in Wakefield, clients can see the beautiful results of the company’s full-service kitchen and bathroom design and construction services. An array of displays and stunning solutions for these utilitarian rooms balance beauty and efficiency and gleam with fine craftmanship and impeccable detail. Cabinetry has the look of fine furniture, and is seamlessly integrated with surfaces, fixtures, and hardware to inspire any project.

For McGuire, creating successful living spaces is emblematic of his roots: doing what he loves. After 25 years of operating Top Notch Builders Construction, where he oversees a brisk business in remodeling and general contracting work, McGuire knows he found his calling early on, as a carpenter.

“I just love kitchens,” says McGuire, a native New Englander. “I love the challenge, the details, the intricacy of the work.” When he opened the Wakefield showroom five years ago, he simultaneously undertook a personal challenge: remodeling the kitchen of his own home. 

As the company’s lead carpenter, McGuire is not a man to sit in offices; he works closely with his all-star team of builders, designers, and business staff to bring the work to fruition. Talk to any member of the team, and they’ll say they feel lucky to be working with Rob McGuire. Those same positive feelings are reflected in testimonials from homeowners, who consistently note the company’s high standards for quality, communication, and dependability. They also are drawn to the fact that McGuire’s business model is flexible, allowing collaboration with independent builders and contractors, or calling on the McGuire + Co. team of professionals to complete the job.

Jenni Jacobs and Amanda Colosi Johnson, McGuire + Co’s designers, came to their positions with years of experience in luxury plumbing and cabinetry, respectively. Whether the project is centuries-old or brand new, Jacobs and Colosi Johnson aim to renew and enhance each room they touch. The look is always fresh and clean, and layered with special patterns, textures, colors, and shapes that draw the eye. Most of all, the McGuire + Co. design stamp reflects each homeowner’s wish-list and way of living.

Whether old or new, each home exudes a mood that is uniquely characteristic. Occasionally the designers incorporate vintage pieces to lend special character to a remodel: an antique stained glass window in a Medford bathroom, or an antique door installed as a sliding barn door for a bedroom closet.

In the McGuire + Co. website’s photo gallery, viewers will see how sunlight transforms blue cabinetry in a Stoneham bathroom with a wash of soft but vibrant color. In a Wakefield kitchen, a custom backsplash installation is a complete “wow” moment, with a dreamy wave of colored glass mosaic scales. The company’s before-and-after photos demonstrate the breathtaking transformation that a McGuire + Co. remodel or build can achieve.

Ever the optimist in each project, Rob McGuire focuses his professional eye on the good, the bad, and the unlimited potential. He loves problem solving. As he likes to say, “there are no problems, only solutions. My best days end with a creative solution.”

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