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Cape Ann Brewing Company is proud to announce that they are changing over from bottles to cans with the opening of a new canning facility located in Gloucester, MA. Currently, the Fisherman’s Brew and Fisherman’s IPA are available throughout Massachusetts with the Fisherman’s Pils joining as their core year round beers. The new canning facility is located down the road from the original brewery at the old Cape Ann Forge, overlooking the Annisquam River. It will allow CABC greater quality control, improving consistency and bringing the flavor profile of the packaged beer more in-line with that of the draught beers. It will also enable to company to produce and distribute beers beyond the flagship Fisherman’s line, under the Cape Ann Brewing Company brand in 16 oz “tall boys”.

The new cans are not only a change from bottling beer but also offer an update to the company’s brand, with a more modern and sophisticated take on the iconic image of Gloucester’s “Man at the Wheel” memorial statue. The new line of “tall boys” will focus more on the original “Twin Lights” logo that has come to represent Cape Ann Brewing so well.

“We are very excited to finally fulfill our promise of bringing our full production of back to the city of Gloucester,” said Jeremy Goldberg, CABC owner. “Our local identity is extremely important to us, and we feel this investment is important in more ways then just about the beer.” On July 31, 2014 CABC had it’s very first canning run. The new canning facility is located down the road from the original brewery at the old Cape Ann Forge, overlooking the Annisquam River.

August saw the (re-)release of Fisherman’s Brew and Fisherman’s IPA in 12oz. Cans. Fisherman’s Pumpkin Stout, the first of the now often replicated style, will be available for a limited time and will be the last 12 oz bottles to be released by CABC.

September will bring the introduction of the Fisherman’s Pils to round out the flagship year round brands, replacing the discontinued Fisherman’s Ale.

October will see the first release of the new line of 16 oz cans, the Imperial Pumpkin Stout which will be followed in November, by a very limited release of the Deadeye Double IPA. 2014 will be punctuated by the release of the Navigator, a German-style Doppelbock, CABC’s winter seasonal beer.

In 2015, you can look forward to such releases as the Tea Party Barley-Wine, Ironclad IPL, and the Chili Stout. CABC, celebrating their 10 year anniversary this year, will be marking this landmark with a special Oktobefest party on Friday October 3rd at The Pub at Cape Ann Brewing on Rogers St in Gloucester. With live music, raffles, games and a special 10th anniversary beer, Chief Ten Beers, a first of it’s kind beer brewed with 10 different types of Malt, 10 different varieties of Hops, and 10 different strains of yeast.