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The Cape Artisans enter their 31st year of welcoming visitors into their studios during the spring tour on June 21-22, 2014.

Those of you who have not made the journey are invited to take the self-guided studio tour of 23 studios and 26 artisans peppered throughout Gloucester and Rockport, Saturday & Sunday, June 21-22 from 10-5PM. Those who have toured before will be treated to the new work of veteran artisans and become acquainted with the work of artisans who have joined in recent years. The work comes in many shapes, sizes, and media including glass beadmaking, mosaic, painting, photography, sculpture, printmaking, fiber arts, and much more.

Walking into a studio can be a magical adventure, your own “Through the Looking Glass” experience. Visitors will be given a rare peek into an intimate setting where each artisan is closely allied to his or her unique surroundings during the creative process.

The best way to follow the tour is by obtaining an artisan brochure map – found in key tourism kiosks – the Cape Ann Chamber, North of Boston Visitors Center, restaurants, and other tourist stops in and around the Cape. By following the map and the pink flags, & artist’s handmade signs, you will reach the inner sanctum of Gloucester & Rockport while hunting for studios. And for curious neighbors, this is a great time to find out what is going on down the street as well!

You can start at #1 David Montgomery’s boatyard studio and work your way around the back side of the Cape or you can start at the end #23, Mike Foley’s stone studio on Essex Avenue – or just jump into the middle at Pat Lowery Collins in downtown Rockport.

This year’s tour includes 26 artisans ranging from those who are new in 2014 – Pat Lowery Collins, painter; Camilla MacFadyen, fiber artist, and Ruth Worrall, potter – to many long standing members like Cynthia Curtis, Anni Melancon, and Beth Williams.

Each artisan has a unique story to tell about their personal connection with Cape Ann, their artistic journey, and where they find inspiration today to grow and expand their portfolio of work. Many also have parallel lives outside the art world that help them grow in other ways. Visitors are encouraged to engage with each artisan and listen to their stories. As part of an expanded outreach effort this year, Artisans have begun to report “From the Studio” on the new Cape Ann Artisans website/blog.

What makes the CAA unique is not only the work itself, but also a commitment to the sharing of artistic space and inspiration. As you wander around Cape Ann, keep in mind these and other common traits that tie the Cape Ann Artisans into one artistic collaboration: artistic freedom to grow and challenge themselves to do more; the desire to draw from and give back to the community; and in many cases, a return to an artistic life begun earlier and interrupted by other life concerns.