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Northshore magazine is extremely excited for the 2019 BONS Event. Year after year the event—and what it means to be the Best of The North Shore—keeps growing. We simply couldn’t do what we do without the support of the great brands that partner with us for the event. 

The night is in celebration of simply the best businesses, services, places, chefs, bartenders, and bakers in our community. Get a sneak peek at the list of “Drink Vendors” who will be at the BONS this year. Everything from select wines to craft beers to cold brews will be on offer. Come join in the festivities! 

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True North Ale Company

True North Ale is located in Ipswich in over 15,000-square-foot facility packed with state-of-the-art brewery equipment. 

Looking forward to seeing them as one of our drink vendors at BONS Event 2019? They’ll be bringing a selection of their favorite brews. Including their Belgian Blonde Ale, which won a Gold Medal at the 2019 North American Brewers Association International Competition. We’ll be sure to try at least one of these.

Read More About them here

Ipswich Ale Brewery

Photo Credit Instagram: Ipswich Ale

Ipswich Ale has been around since the spring of 1991. Rob Martin, the president of Ipwich Ale, joined the company in 1994 as a volunteer brewer—he was paid in beer and pizza. After years of working for the company, including as the director of operations, he bought the company in 1999. And in In 2016, he opened the Ipswich Ale Brewer’s Table. This type of commitment and passion is what the North Shore is all about. 

Want to visit their booth at the BONS Event? His “no preservatives” approach means the beers expire 90 days after bottling. That means only the freshest at the BONS Event. 

Check them our here.

14th Star Brewing Co.

Photo Credit Instagram: @Fernandezsq2

Up next is 14th Star Brewing, a veteran-owned Vermont craft brewery first opened in 2012. The idea was born on the back of a notebook by Steve Gagner while serving our country in Afghanistan. As a result, Steve and his best friend and fellow soldier Matt Kehaya now work together on 14th Star—a reality that was once just dream between two friends. We couldn’t be more honored and excited to have them at our event.

Their beer list holds everything from Citrus Pale Ale’s to Coffee IPA’s. What will they be bringing to the BONS Event? You’ll just have to come and find out.

See their story here.

Seaboard Products

Photo Credit Instagram: @stellaartois

Seaboard Products was started in Salem, Massachusetts, right after Prohibition ended. I don’t think we’re the only ones who are happy that ended! The company was acquired and in 1970 moved to Danvers where it still is today. Learn more about their story here.

Seaboard Products carries the Anheuser-Busch portfolio as well as a list of craft beers. They continue to be active in the North Shore community, and we can’t wait to have them in the BONS Event. They’ll be bringing everyone’s favorite Belgian beer, Stella Artois.



Photo Credit Instagram: @90pluscellars

Founder of 90+ Cellars Kevin Mahra has a mission—to bring great wine to everyone at a lower price point. He started calling wineries to fulfill his vision. Today, he takes wine from high-end wineries, puts them behind the 90+ Cellars label, and sells the wine for less. Read more about their story here.

As for the BONS Event? Their Rosé & Bubbly Wine Truck (seen above) will be making an appearance. We can promise, it’s definitely going to be one of your favorite stops.

PSP Imports

Photo Credit Instagram: @psp_imports

PSP Imports, a North Shore importer and wholesaler, produces a portion of their portfolio in the Tuscan Hill town of Pienza, Italy. The rest of their portfolio is sourced from personal connections from 8 countries and 30 Vineyards to bring the greatest value to clients. You can see the full list of their vineyards here.

They’ll be at the BONS Event serving fine wines from around the World.


Fazenda Coffee Roasters

Photo Credit:

Philip Schein, owner and founder of Fazenda Coffee roasters, leads his team to provide exceptional coffee. After getting into the coffee industry, Schein explains that he stayed because he quickly became fascinated with “everything about specialty coffee.. Above all, he enjoys working with such a diverse group—from the farmers to the importers to the roasters to the owners of the bakeries/cafes/restaurants. Fazenda Coffee’s mission is to ethically and sustainably source the highest quality green coffee beans available. Read more about him here.

They’ll be one of our drink vendors at the BONS Event and you’ll be able to try samples of their original cold brew on ice. You’ll be thanking them later in the night.

Honest Tea

Photo Credit Instagram: @honesttea

Last, but certainly not least, is Honest Tea. Seth Goldman, co-founder of Honest Tea, started the company after looking for the perfect drink to quench his thirst after a run. Their Honest Tea line includes everything from Honest Green to Peach, to Mango Mate Black Tea. Read the full list of flavors here.

What they will be bringing is a surprise—we’re excited they’ll be one of our drink vendors at the BONS Event. After all, a night of dancing under the stars requires plenty of thirst quenching.

Will you be there?