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2018 Health Club

Editors’ Choice

Fuel Training Studio, Newburyport  Philosophy: Fuel Training Studio is founded on the belief that clients of all levels can achieve their fitness goals in a fun, motivating, and encouraging environment that utilizes safe, innovative exercise practices. The Fuel Method is based on excess post-exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC), a scientifically grounded exercise philosophy that combines muscle strengthening, flexibility, core work, and quick bursts of high-intensity cardio. What’s New: The cycle studio holds 35 Keiser bikes and has a state-of-the-art sound and lighting system to get clients fully in the zone. The training studio holds eight brand-new Woodway treadmills alongside heavy boxing bags, weighted ropes, and an oversized turf area. The barre studio is large yet intimate and welcoming. Fuel offers more than 60 classes a week, so each client can create a schedule that fits them best and achieve premium health through cross-training. Trend: While classic cycle classes like the “Fuel House Ride” will always remain a staple on the schedule, Fuel also offers a Cycle Shred class that is a fusion of cycling and weight training. 22 Graf Rd., Newburyport, 978-270-0020,  

Readers’ Choice

Fit Revolution, North Reading What’s New: In May 2018, Fit Revolution launched Fit Reach, a community outreach program dedicated to helping those in need in our local communities. The program’s mission is to provide monetary funds to alleviate immediate and long-term financial burdens due to various circumstances. Fit Revolution’s monthly members can contribute $5/month, which adds up to a significant monthly donation. Standout Quality: Since 2012, Fit Revolution has raised over $65,000 for local causes and charities through fundraisers and community events. 23 Concord St., North Reading, 339-933-0293,
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