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2019 Chinese
Editors’ Choice

Feng Shui


While you can get American-style Chinese food at this lovely modern spot, we suggest you order from the Hometown Highlights section, which features specialties from the area around Shanghai—a cuisine highlighted by slow braises and complex flavors. Bite a hole in the Juicy Pork Bao to pour in some of the savory vinegar-ginger sauce before slurping it up, or try the Tofu with Crabmeat, which is silky, rich, and unctuous.

2200 District Ave., Burlington, 781-365-0918,

Readers’ Choice

Family’s Chinese Restaurant


This American-style Chinese spot is always on-point. Their food is made fresh to order, using high-quality ingredients—with super-speedy delivery if you’re lucky enough to live within range.

139 Elm St., Salisbury, 978-463-4332,

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