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The 15th Annual Revere International Sand Sculpting festival is taking place on Revere Beach from July 20-22 and has attracted sculptors from around the world to take part.

Over the past few days, the sculptors have been forming their creations with special sand imported from a granite mine. The artists start with creating blocks of sand, with the help of wooden frames that they mix with water and then carve out from. Each artist has their own technique and set of tools that they use to make their creation. From spoons to paint brushes, each artist has a special set of devices that they use to carve and finish their creating from.

All the sculptors helped create the festival centerpiece—a fairy tale castle surrounded by classic characters from childhood books.

This year’s sculptors include Helena Bangert of the Netherlands; Deborah Barrett/Cutulle of Saugus, Massachusetts; Mélineige Beauregard of Quebec, Canada; Jonathan ‘Jobi’ Bouchard of Montreal, Canada; Enguerrand David of Belgium; Ilya Filmonstev of Russia; Remy Hoggard of Bulgaria; Paul Hoggard of Bulgaria; Sue McGrew of Tacoma, Washington; Fergus Mulvany of Ireland; Pavel Mylnikov of Moscow, Russia; Rachel Stubbs of England; Steve Topazio of Tiverton, Rhode Island; Abe Waterman of Prince Edward Island, Canada; and Jaku ‘Kuba’ Zimacek of the Czech Republic.

Public voting and judging on the creations will take place on Saturday with the award ceremony taking place at 6:30 p.m. Throughout the event there will be live music, food, and performances.

The sculptures will be up for the week concluding the festival, but could be damaged by weather, so the best time to see them is while they are fresh.