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Have you ever dreamed of being a food critic?

-        Ever wanted to tell the chef how the dish should be cooked or the server what proper service REALLY looks like?

-        Do you know the difference between a Merlot and a Meritage; a flan and a panna cotta?

-        Do your friends ever tell you to just chill as you deconstruct the ingredients in a dish?

-        Have you caught a server BS-ing their way through a wine list or the ingredients in a dish?

If you said “yes” to all of the above, the North Shore Restaurant Group would like to talk to you about becoming a secret shopper at our restaurants. They’ll give you a $75 to go out to eat at one of our restaurants; in return you fill out a three page form about your experience. $75 won’t pay for the full fare, but heck you’re a foodie and you just want help in affording your exquisite taste.

If you go out as a secret shopper, they will ask you to  bring at least one friend and preferably another couple.  That will allow you to taste more items.  Plus, it adds to the fun of playing restaurant critic.

You will also be asked to fill out a questionnaire after your dining experience. They take these secret shopper reports VERY seriously.  It is the most powerful method they have found for finding faults in our food and service.  They discuss them with managers and chefs every week so it is important that you write up you experience the next morning while it is fresh in your mind.  It is also much more helpful to the managers to get the report in the same week that you dined so they can remember what the night was like.

If all this sounds like fun to you, email your smail address to Mark McDonough at and he will have two gift certificates sent to your home address to go on two undercover missions.

Also please tell him your top three choices where you would like to eat:

1.     Lat 43 Restaurant

2.     Lat 43 Pub

3.      Alchemy

4.      Cala’s

5.      15 Walnut

6.      Hale St. Tavern

— Mark McDonough