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Photograph courtesy of Lauren Poussard Photography



Brooke Cambridge’s home-painting expertise lands her an unexpected role on A&E’s “Flipping Boston.” By L.L. & K.J.



It’s not every day we show up at work to receive a call from the producers of a national TV program asking us to lend our services to their show—on camera. But that’s exactly what happened last fall for 32-year-old Brooke Cambridge, owner of BLC Painting in Salem.


The producers on the other end of the line were searching for contractors to appear on episodes of A&E’s “Flipping Boston,” a program that follows along during the renovation and turnaround process of homes and businesses in the Boston area.


“I was very surprised,” says Cambridge of getting the call. “It was totally out of the blue.” After discussing the show’s premise and logistics with its producers and agreeing that the pairing would be beneficial for both outfits, Cambridge accepted the invitation.


Of filming her episodes, which lasted about two weeks, Cambridge says it was “like nothing I’d ever experienced before,” adding that the show’s hosts, Dave Seymour and Peter Souhleris, “are two very unique characters. Pete is very knowledgeable and has a great eye for design and color…Dave is more of the actor—the playful part of the project.”



Brooke Cambridge and mascot Toby

Brooke Cambridge and mascot Toby



Maintaining a staff of four, Cambridge has turned what began as something to keep her busy after graduating from high school into a flourishing business worthy of national exposure. But the true star of Cambridge’s enterprise may very well be Toby Sage, her eight-year-old yellow lab and the inspiration behind BLC Painting’s logo. Cambridge credits her four-footed companion with the ability to attract new clients. “I can’t even tell you how much business and [how many] compliments we’ve gotten from the logo because it’s so different and stands out,” she says.


Whether it was her Toby Sage logo or the fact that BLC Painting is a woman-owned company that led “Flipping Boston” to her, Cambridge isn’t sure. What is certain is that her business is buzzing with excitement. Says Cambridge, “It’s kind of a pat on the back…to have become as successful as we [have] and [to be] noticed.”


As for future plans, Cambridge considers TV and radio as a viable means of furthering her career.  “I may [look] into some other renovation shows out there that might be interested in working with a woman-owned, high-end company,” she says. In the meantime, Cambridge has plenty of calls to answer, new clients to please, and a place in the spotlight to enjoy. At press time, “Flipping Boston” episodes featuring BLC Painting were scheduled to air March 2 and 9. Visit and for programming notes.