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Longchamp’s expandable bag

Longchamp’s expandable bag bears the line’s sleek good looks and expands to fit your treasured possessions. By Aricia Symes-Elmer – Photos by Zoe Isaac

These days, there is a focus on transitional pieces that are designed to be worn in different ways: the dress that can be worn as a skirt, or the skirt that can be worn as a shawl. This trend extends beyond clothing, and manufacturers are creating pieces that give us more bang for our buck and easily adjust to our ever more complex lives. Take this newest addition to the Longchamp line-it’s the perfect piece to stash inside your suitcase for the trip back home after the holidays, as we all know that, for some reason, even without any new additions, items never fit back into the suitcase on the trip back home! This bag folds into a cute package, then expands to a medium-and even large-tote. Perfect for toting things while on your trip, it also provides the perfect spot for any presents, purchases, or overflows on your trip home! Longchamp collapsible bag, $255, Lyn Evans, 9 Main Street, Andover, 978-269-0266