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Greg Bartosik is pleased to announce the release of his latest musical composition, MISSING TIME, on his own independent label.

MISSING TIME is a full-length rock opera that deals with the controversial subject of alien abduction, and takes place in the fictitious town of Lunardale, MA. The story follows the interaction of the three main characters: John, (a blind songwriter from planet Earth), Varnod, (a half alien/half human male hybrid, and commander of the spacecraft), and Xjaena, (a half alien/half human female hybrid, who has been endowed with an unusual ability to heal).

The story begins with the abduction of John, who is brought aboard the spacecraft against his will, and who is then subjected to an incredibly painful and humiliating medical examination by mission commander, Varnod. The main purpose of Xjaena is to assist and heal John in dealing with his post-examination suffering. As the story continues, the adversarial relationship between John and Varnod becomes friendly, as they find a common element: music. The dialogue is interwoven with, and supported by, sixteen original songs, ranging from rock to pop to acoustic, which help to carry the story to its surprise ending.

The three main cast members, whose acting and singing abilities can be heard on this double CD, are all from New England. Jeff Blanchette as John, Rebecca Silva as Xjaena, and Eugenio Misticatto as Varnod.

Greg Bartosik was born and raised in Danvers, and is a graduate of Danvers High School’s Class of 1970. He was the lead guitarist/lead vocalist of the local rock band Tyler Mudge, which attained popularity back in the 1970s and 1980s.

MISSING TIME is available for download on iTunes, and can be streamed on sites such as Spotify, Deezer, iHeart Radio, Napster, and many more.