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Destination Salem has launched a new mobile app to provide visitors and residents with comprehensive information about exploring Salem to access the latest updates. This new app, called Destination Salem, Mass, features news, business listings, educational content, maps, and location-based notifications. The mobile app was created by Aloompa.

“This year, as we are closely monitoring the safety guidelines set forth by the City of Salem and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, it is important to offer a tool that provides real-time information,” said Kate Fox, executive director of Destination Salem. “We want our visitors to be well-informed as to what is open and available throughout the fall, and especially during the month of October, our busiest tourist season.” 

The new app will provide updates on parking availability, restrooms, and public health guidelines throughout the fall. The app will also be available all year long for the latest information about Salem’s annual festivals, including Salem’s So Sweet, Salem Arts Festival, Salem Heritage Days, and much more.

“As a small business we are thrilled to be listed on the new app,” said Karen Scalia, founder and owner of Salem Food Tours. “It’s easy, convenient, and not only helps our guests keep up to date on what tours we are offering, but also give them info on our wonderful tour partners, museum partners, and more.” 

Salem, Massachusetts, is a destination recognized around the world for its rich history, which includes the tragic Salem Witch Trials of 1692, the glorious maritime era that left its indelible mark on Salem through architecture, museums, and artifacts, and for its month-long celebration of Halloween. Today more than one million people visit Salem annually, generating nearly $140 million in tourism spending and supporting 1,000 jobs.

The City of Salem will be monitoring the COVID-19 situation and its impact on October travel to Salem. A detailed blog post outlining COVID-19 related procedures can be found here:

The Destination Salem app is available for iOS and Android. The app can be found on the App Store and online at