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For the second year in a row, a creative flavor from acclaimed North Shore ice cream purveyor Holy Cow has won top honors at the North American Ice Cream Association’ annual competition, held earlier this month in Las Vegas.

The flavor, called Jackpot, features a salted butterscotch ice cream base with chunks of house-made caramelized Biscoff cookie bark, and won Northeast regional Flavor of the Year for 2023. Originally available only in pints, the new flavor sold out immediately. It is expected to be available again in both pints and scoops on December 2, and is sure to sell out quickly.

“We take a lot of pride in crafting the most quality and unique ice cream possible,” says Holy Cow founder Mike Schifino. “A lot of work goes on behind the scenes, so to see that once again we were able to stand out on the national stage with so many other amazing ice cream manufacturers is an honor.”

If you can’t wait to get your hands on Jackpot, there are plenty of other award-winning options. Holy Cow’s vanilla ice cream, made with all-natural Madagascar vanilla, also won a blue ribbon at the event. And last year, Holy Cow took the top award at the show, Flavor of the Year, with Ritzy AF, a salted butter cracker ice cream base loaded with house-made Ritz Cracker toffee bark, which is currently available.

Holy Cow started in Gloucester in 2014 and has become known for its impeccable quality, its very creative flavors (brown butter cornbread and salted peanut butter Oreo are on the menu, for example), and it inventive collaborations with other local brands, like this falls Apple Cider Donut flavor that used donuts from Union Square Donuts and Downeast cider.

Today, Holy Cow operates year-round shops in Gloucester, Peabody, and Dennisport on Cape Cod, as well as a seasonal location in Salem.

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