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West Newbury police sergeant Dan Cena made an appearance on the Kelly Clarkson Show last week with his brother, wrestler and actor John Cena. The two discussed growing up in West Newbury in a house of five boys, and John made some touching comments about his brother Dan.

“One thing I truly love about Dan is he, as much of the job that is difficult to digest, he loves his work, and he never once takes it home with him, and he’s a wonderful father, and a wonderful husband, and a wonderful brother. And to be able to manage all that…” John said. 

“He’s always department and unit first above all else, and I think that’s because in difficult times, especially in subject matter that we can’t relate to, you folks lean on each other and I think that’s really special. You have your family, and then you have your family.”

Dan also detailed a major car crash he was involved in several years back. “I was working just after Super Bowl Sunday back in 2007…and was hit head on at 76 miles an hour by a fourth-time drunk driver. Took me out of the game for a little while,” he said. “I was very lucky to get out of there with the shape I’m in now… it could have been a lot worse if not life-ending.”

Check out the whole interview below.