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Physical products aren’t as sexy as the latest web app, but they are definitely tasty.  On October 27, 6-8pm, Perfect Fuel Chocolate hosted Start-Up Stories, a networking gathering for product entrepreneurs, at Space with a Soul. Company founders displayed items ranging from a healthy dessert bar to bow ties and shared their experiences overcoming business hurdles.

The guys behind OoOtie

Start-up Stories featured a product showcase, followed by a speaker series where five founders shared how they overcame challenges in launching their product. The audience sampled different products and the participants exchanged business ideas and stories.

“In a town full of technology start-ups, we created a space for local product people to network and learn from each other,” said Nicolas Warren, founder of Perfect Fuel Chocolate.

Founders from five companies spoke at the event:

-    Taza Chocolate, local maker of stone-ground, organic chocolate, talked about the importance of finding mutually valuable arrangements with distributors.

-    90+ Cellar sells high quality, highly rated finished wines at a discount, pointed out how patience and persistence helped convince vendors to accept new products.

-    Budi Bars, the anytime superfood bar, stressed the importance of creating a product you are in the market for yourself.

-    Biba Beverages, a healthy, sparkling hydration beverage, shared, that using real feedback from future customers helps determine the success of a product.

-    CustomBuds allows users to design their earbuds exactly how they like, highlighted how taking risks shows a commitment to the company and pays off in the end.

“Good people, good products, good discussions,” said John Forsythe, founder of StayPuts!,

Additional product companies participating in the event:

-    OoOTie, provides a unique assortment of bow ties.

-    Stay Puts allows you to display cards without tape or a frame.

-    Arch Angels provides insoles for children.

-    Miriam’s Cookware creates all natural clay cooking pots.

Founders of product companies shared their stories and lessons learned with the audience. They presented their hurdles and answered audience questions. “Some really great conversations,” remarked Larry Slotnick, of Taza Chocolate.

The event is supported by PitchPub and Space with a Soul

Perfect Fuel Chocolate is a startup working hard to produce the perfect healthy snack for healthy, active life. Our first chocolate product ,with ginseng, is due out late 2011. Our mission is to promote a healthy lifestyle by offering a all-natural snack made from dark chocolate. Learn more at