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David Down’s in Noteborn’s showroom.


Technology, architecture, and art combine to deliver creative solutions for a storage system company in Lynn. By Andrew Conway


It’s an all too familiar scenario: too much stuff and not enough storage space. Clothes wedged into wardrobes, shoes crammed into closets, belts and bags tossed into boxes, and, of course, the one thing you’re looking for in a hurry is buried under everything else.


Now, try to envision a custom-made closet featuring state-of-the-art technology, materials, and finishes, with luminous glass doors designed as artwork, drawers that open and close almost silently at the touch of a fingertip, and moveable shelves and hanging rods that adapt to your space.


You may not be able to snap your fingers like Mary Poppins and have everything flip off the floor and into the closet in “spit-spot” fashion, but you will be able to reorganize and revolutionize the way you live and work, thanks to a cutting-edge storage design company based in Lynn.


With more than 20 years of experience in the design and installation of closets and storage systems, Noteborn USA is now delivering creative solutions to North Shore homeowners via a skillful fusion of technology, architecture, and art.


“Our storage systems combine innovative manufacturing methods with traditional craftsmanship,” says Noteborn owner David Downs. “The product is very architectural and art inspired, creating something timeless, functional, practical, and very flexible. As much as it helps people organize their lives, it’s actually a piece of furniture and artwork.”


With a showroom on Market Street in Lynn and a factory in West Bridgewater, Downs and his longtime business partner Roxanne McLean employ two designers and an architect who work closely with clients, contractors, and interior decorators to ensure delivery of the perfect closet or storage system and resolve any unforeseen architectural and design challenges.

Noteborn’s custom storage systems range from stairwells to full rooms and entire living or working spaces for residential and commercial clients. The systems provide free rein in placing shelves, hanging rods, and drawers to client specifications.


“We are constantly evolving with new techniques and materials,” says Downs, who also partners with Bay State artist Reese Schroeder, of liquidoranges STUDIO, who creates architectural art glass that can be incorporated into Noteborn’s closet doors or countertops. “We can integrate the glass in fully customized sizes, patterns, and colors, so it’s not just a closet door but part of your decor,” he adds.


Precision technology helps Noteborn design storage units to size within fractions of millimeters, while the company’s unique “Cross” system allows closet interiors to be adapted time and again, making it easy to move a unit in its entirety.


“The product has myriad applications, and we can do just about any fixture and finish,” says Downs. Not quite a snap of the fingers, but close enough.