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Owner of The Grove Boutique and Café in MarketStreet Lynnfield, Susan Harsch, picks her top holiday gifts for shoppers looking to shop local this season:


Dragonfly Healing Stone Mugs

Made in the U.S. I love these mugs for many reasons: They are made in New Hampshire and each one comes with its own healing stone on the handle and a card that describes the healing properties of that certain stone. Additionally, the glazes are organic in design and there are a variety of different shapes available.  $38 each



Zip Code Glasses

The perfect gift for the Lynnfield wine lover.  $13.95 each



Marble Coasters

They are like miniature works of art that are also functional.  $14.50 each



PF Candle

Made in LA. Soy wax candles, cotton wicks. Incredible scents. $12-$24



Agate Pendant

A special gift for a style maven, this agate pendant is hand knotted with burgundy jade beads and dark brown leather. $242