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Responding to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, Salem, New Hampshire-based Fabrizia Spirits is launching its own line of lemon-scented hand sanitizer. After receiving news the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) was temporarily allowing distilleries to produce sanitizer to ease demand, Fabrizia Spirits immediately shifted its focus from all-natural limoncello and ready-to-drink craft cocktails to producing Fabrizia Hand Sanitizer. To date, Fabrizia Spirits has donated more than $7,000 bottles of hand sanitizer to first responders and health care facilities in New Hampshire and Massachusetts, and the company intends to continue making another 8,000 donations of the hand sanitizer. Fabrizia Hand Sanitizer, which is made with real lemons, will also be available in 8-ounce and 4-ounce bottles for purchase.

“Shifting our focus allows us to make a positive impact on the people who are on the front lines of the fight against COVID-19,” says Phil Mastroianni, co-founder and owner of Fabrizia Spirits. “We have had so many friends and family members who are or who know first responders already reaching out. We feel strongly we need to do anything we can, even if it’s a tiny part, to fight this virus.”

From a business standpoint, traditional product orders are starting to slow for the company and he expects that that trend to continue as the state and national governments take necessary steps to stop the spread of the virus. “Producing our own hand sanitizer, which we are doing at cost, allows us to stay open and keep staff employed in an extremely uncertain time, he says.

Fabrizia Spirits began production of Fabrizia Hand Sanitizer on March 23, and plans to immediately begin making donations. Fabrizia Hand Sanitizer is made with real lemons, ethanol, and glycerin. Lemons are the key ingredient in nearly all of Fabrizia’s products, making the lemon-scented hand sanitizer a natural fit.

Fabrizia Spirits’ product line includes Fabrizia Limoncello, Fabrizia Blood Orange Liqueur, and a limoncello cream liqueur called “Crema di Limoncello,” along with its canned Italian Margarita and its canned Italian Style Lemonade. Fabrizia also features a bottled version of Fabrizia Italian Margarita.

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