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Beverly resident and “American Idol” second runner-up Angie Miller shares her favorite things about life on the North Shore. 

Season 12 of “American Idol” may now be complete, but the North Shore is still beaming with pride for Angie Miller, the 19-year-old vocal powerhouse from Beverly who scored the show’s No. 3 spot this spring. While her original song “Set Me Free” opened doors to fame, her heart belongs here on the North Shore. We asked the budding star to share some favorite things about the place she calls home.

Northshore: Word that comes to mind when you think of the North Shore.

Angie Miller: Awesome!

NS: Most vivid memory of the North Shore.

AM: Amazing summers at the beach, coffee shops, and ice cream places with friends.

NS: Feeling you had during the “American Idol” hometown concert and parade.

AM: The concert for the hometown visit was incredible. I couldn’t help but feel overwhelmed with love by my city. Unforgettable.

NS: First place on the North Shore where you sang.

AM: Calvary Christian Church.

NS: Last place on the North Shore where you sang (before the homecoming concert).

AM: On a stage in the streets of Salem days before Halloween.

NS: Favorite place for coffee.

AM: Jaho Coffee & Tea and Gusto Cafe.

NS: Favorite North Shore beach.

AM: Singing Beach…the sand sings!

NS: Best place to hang out.

AM: Usually, my house ends up being the place everyone goes to to hang out.

NS: Best place to eat.

AM: Anmol on Rantoul Street in Beverly! I love Indian food, and this is the best Indian food.

NS: Favorite ice cream spot.

AM: Captain Dusty’s down the street from Singing Beach…sooo good!

NS: What you love about Beverly.

AM: I love the cute and quiet feel of Beverly…it’s so homey.

NS: Title of a song you would write about the North Shore.

AM: If I wrote a song about the North Shore, it would be titled “The Good Times.”

Through August 31, Angie Miller will be performing on tour alongside Season 12 castmates in locations across the country with AMERICAN IDOL Live! For tour dates, tickets, and more information, visit