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“In the midst of Lawrence city, stands the school we love,” intones the opening line of Central Catholic’s alma mater.  Be assured – this school is deeply loved by generations of its alumni and families!  With its 75th anniversary fast approaching and many exciting events planned for the celebration, alumni will be returning in droves. Some have yet to see the nearly $13M newest academic building completed just a few years ago.  Twenty new classrooms, state-of-the-art science laboratories, art studios and a host of other additions and renovations are certain to delight returning alumni.

Central Catholic High School, founded by the Marist Brothers in 1935, is one of the premier secondary schools on the North Shore. Strictly a day school, the private co-ed institution from its inception has educated generations of the Merrimack Valley’s doctors, lawyers, educators, political leaders and highly skilled professionals in a myriad of fields.   In fact, over 13,000 generous, talented alumni continue to maintain their connections to Central Catholic, in many cases, decades after graduating.

What is it about Central Catholic that attracts the enthusiastic, diverse student body enrolled at the school? First and foremost, the academic program is highly regarded by colleges and universities. With SAT scores consistently surpassing state and national averages, and Advanced Placement Exams with outstanding results, the college enrollment rate is 99% annually. Students matriculate at colleges and universities as diverse as the population itself, including some of the nation’s most elite institutions such as Brown, Columbia, Harvard, Johns Hopkins, MIT, Notre Dame, Princeton and University of Pennsylvania.

As part of its mission to ‘serve the least favored’, Central Catholic has embraced a unique ethnic and socio-economic diversity resulting in a student-mosaic that enriches all who are fortunate enough to be a part of it.  Many students and their parents credit the caring, passionate faculty of the school for motivating and challenging the student body, however, teachers like Andrew Nikonchuk of the science department (an alumnus of both Central Catholic and Harvard), say it’s due to the many intangibles possessed by the students themselves. “We attract bright, motivated young men and women who are happy to come to school every day to be challenged. They love the environment here so it encourages teachers to make life- long learners out of them.” Like Nikonchuk, nearly 30% of the faculty and staff are graduates of Central Catholic and have a desire to extend this educational legacy – preparing hearts and minds for college and life. Faculty members are competitively compensated, supported by extensive professional development opportunities and are well respected by students, peers, and the larger educational world alike, as evidenced by the numerous national and regional awards and recognition faculty continue to receive.

Noticeable in the life of students at Central Catholic is the plethora of opportunities for extra-curricular involvement.  There are over 40 clubs and activities ranging from the competitive and highly successful MOCK TRIAL team to the completely recreational FISHING club, with many in between. The school’s outstanding athletic program will never be overlooked with nearly half the student body participating in sports and over 80% of the varsity teams competing at the state tournament level.  Central Catholic has a proud tradition of spirited fans celebrating its winning ways and student-athletes give their fans plenty to celebrate, including this year’s Massachusetts MIAA Division 1 Girls’ Basketball championship. homecoming-203-post

It’s exposure to the arts that compels another component of Central Catholic’s talented student population to attend. Every freshman has a required fine or performing arts course to select from and there are numerous electives for students wishing to venture further into the arts. The school’s 35-year tradition in Theatre Guild continues to attract the creative to perform at sellout productions throughout the school year.  Both chorus and band are academic offerings available to students, with the school’s music program having proudly evolved over recent years to include pep, concert, jazz and liturgical bands. Lively fine and performing arts nights feature student-artists and their works with many outstanding individuals continuing on to pursue their interests at art and music schools including NYU and the Berklee College of Music.

The spiritual life of students at Central Catholic is fostered and deepened by the study of religion, participation in liturgies, prayer services, retreats, and community service projects.  Through Campus Ministry activities, the religiously diverse school community integrates faith actively into the academic, ethical and social realms of life.  Students are taught to focus on others through the ONE DAY Christian service program which partners Central’s students with over 100 area agencies.

Central Catholic High School is a vibrant community with many exciting opportunities planned for its future, including foreign and domestic travel programs, increased  ‘green’ initiatives (for which the school was recently recognized), development of athletic fields, and of course the excitement of celebrating 75 years of a tradition of excellence in college preparatory education.

Founded: 1935

Enrollment: 1350

Source of Students: Private Schools- 43%, Public Schools- 57%

Student/Teacher Ratio: 17:1

AP Courses: 13

Scoring 3 or better on 2009 AP exams: 92%

Tuition: $9,750

Communities Represented: 39 Northern MA and Southern NH

Interscholastic Athletic Teams: 56

Open House: Sunday, October 18th, 1-4 pm

Shadow Program: Sept. to Dec., by appointment

Entrance Exam Dates: Saturday Nov. 14th or Saturday Dec. 12th

300 Hampshire Street, Lawrence, MA 01841

TEL: 978.682.0260