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Across the North Shore and beyond, students of all ages are heading back to school. And while students have so many amazing options in addition to core subjects to choose from, mathematics remains a cornerstone both inside the classroom and out. Everywhere you—and your child—look, numbers are there. Math exists in the real world in everything from the scoreboard at a sporting event to the check-out aisle at the grocery store, which is why it is so important to feel confident about it. 

For some students, math is a much looked forward to subject while for others it can be a dreaded task. And for still other students, math falls somewhere in between. Regardless of how math presents for the individual student, there is so much growth potential for every student when they feel supported. 

At Mathnasium of North Beverly, every student can become someone who succeeds at math. Whether a student comes to Mathnasium as someone who has been struggling with the subject or as a person who excels in math, the same team of highly trained professionals gets to work with the expressed goal of helping each student become their most confident and capable self when it comes to this critical subject matter. 

Sarah Yoon is the center owner and director and her passion for helping students in grades one through twelve understand math is palpable. Backed by a team of instructors who share her passion for math and seeing students thrive, Yoon emphasizes the individual nature provided to each student at Mathnasium. “We meet every single student where they are,” says Yoon, who underscores that “we are a center not just for students struggling with math, but also for students seeking grade level enrichment as well as for those students seeking additional challenges in math.” 

Mathnasium Director Sarah Yoon

Whether it is “help with homework, general math and problem-solving skills, or the desire to improve skills and scores in order to apply for specialized programs, we take a whole brained approach to the student,” Yoon explains. Mathnasium instructors get to know students on an individual basis, and as such they get to know them as people.

Mathnasium instructors have top notch math skills, but they also have excellent soft skills. Instructors are personable and the team gets to know student interests as well as their likes and the best ways to motivate them. “We really seek to provide every Mathnasium student with a well-rounded math experience that at the same time is very much created for them,” says Yoon. 

In addition to students, Mathnasium instructors are accustomed to working in tandem with both parents and teachers in support of the students they serve. Mathnasium’s programs are extremely well versed in Common Core math and are able to both supplement and enhance what students are learning in the classroom. When it comes to the education of your child, you have a choice and choosing a center like Mathnasium of North Beverly, which is staffed with a unique and truly qualified team of professionals has the potential to “make a real difference in a student’s feelings about math, and ultimately, themselves and how they interact with the world around them” explains Yoon. 

Every student has varied interests and areas of strength as well as those that could use improvement and Mathnasium exists to improve not only a student’s math skills but also increase their confidence and ability to take on whatever math challenges come their way.

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