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“captjoe06” might not be a household name, but when it comes to local blogging in Gloucester, this Internet persona, known in the real world as Joey Ciaramitaro, is happy to share the latest news about his hometown with the entire world through his blog, “Good Morning Gloucester.”

Ciaramitaro launched in late December of 2007 and hasn’t stopped posting since. His inspiration? A small message board thread he started on Cape Ann Online that generated enough interest for him to branch off and create a blog about the highs and lows of life on the dock. Ciaramitaro and contributors cover everything from restaurant openings and parties to personal profiles and more.

Having grown up on the docks of Gloucester while working for his family’s fishing company, Ciaramitaro took over the business once they retired and is now co-owner of Captain Joe & Sons. Networking locally has allowed him to develop personal relationships with the people and companies that make Gloucester tick. The end result: consistent, hyper-local content for his blog.

“Being someone who really loves people coupled with my love for technology and gadgets was unique,” he says. “When you can put all that together, blogging was a natural fit.” Ciaramitaro calls his blog “a labor of love.” A lack of revenue is the least of his worries, he says, as promoting the best aspects of his hometown is rewarding enough, especially when 2,500 to 4,500 sets of eyeballs check out his blog daily. When asked how long he will continue to write this blog he simply replies, “I can’t picture my life without it.” 

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How to start your own blog

Kim Gobbi, founder and editor of, has a few tips on how to get started in the hyper-local blogging world.

1. Know your audience. You have to know who you’re communicating with. That’s the biggest mistake some blogs make. They try to do everything.
2. Give your readers what they want. Local residents must embrace, read, and enjoy it.
3. Network locally. Gobbi formed partnerships with local organizations to help develop content for the blog. It’s a win-win. It drives content and readership and it makes my life so much easier.
4. Evaluate your tech savviness. Are you comfortable with a content management system? If, not you’ll have to outsource it.
5. Invest in a good camera. Gobbi uses the 14.7 megapixel Canon Powershot G10, which includes a video camera that allows her to take great shots, as well as video when she needs it.
6. Live somewhere that’s interesting. If it’s a quiet town with not much happening, then expect the same reaction to your blog.