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With the world’s oceans as his workplace, Hawaii native and competitive windsurfer Josh Angulo puts down roots in Nahant for the next chapter of his thrilling career.

Josh Angulo grew up on the North Shore—but not the one that we call home. Angulo is a native of the North Shore of Oahu, HI, and has recently relocated to Nahant, an area that has been surprisingly hospitable to his career of competitive windsurfing.

For the past 15 years, Angulo and his wife, Claudia, have called Cape Verde home, so the move to Nahant brought about some drastic changes, according to the winner of two World Windsurfing titles. At this point in his career and life, getting into the water each day isn’t a necessity, but that doesn’t mean that his enthusiasm for the sport has waned. At 38, the experienced windsurfer is focused on enjoying his personal life as well as furthering his career.

Angulo is currently training and traveling for competitions, having recently sailed in Korea and Spain, with plans in the coming months to compete in Turkey, Holland, and Germany, as well as numerous other picturesque locales. When not traveling and competing, Angulo balances his time on the Atlantic coast training in local gyms, enjoying the surf right in his neighborhood, and appreciating his time with his wife and two young sons.

Although presently happy in Nahant, Angulo says he doesn’t know what the future will have in store for him. But for now, North Shore residents should expect to see Angulo among the waves—when the temperamental New England weather permits. “Our hearts are definitely here for now,” he says.


HOME TOWN HERO A few years after winning his two World Windsurfing titles (2003 and 2009), Angulo is still finding new motivation to win one more. His inspiration this time?  His current home, the North Shore. “In general, [I get] a lot of support from people once they know what I’m doing, and I really enjoy [representing] the city of Boston and its surrounding areas…I’ll do my best to make them proud,” he says.


BOARD STORY Equipment is one of the most important aspects of the sport, according to Angulo, who knows from experience not only as a successful windsurfer, but also as the manufacturer of Angulo Hawaii boards. The family business was founded about 40 years ago by Angulo’s father, Ed, and has been carried on by Josh.

In between traveling for competitions and enjoying time at home, Angulo also travels for business; upcoming destinations include Thailand, where the boards are produced, and Japan, for product promotion. Although he will test competitors’ boards for comparison, Angulo rides only his company’s boards.


NORTH SHORE As different as New England is from Angulo’s previous homes, he has grown to appreciate the differences in the environment, lifestyle, and people as a refreshing change. He enjoys sailing close to home and frequents Short Beach, Long Beach, and Tudor Beach, among others. “I just kind of find whatever nook and cranny [the wind blows me toward] and take my slalom board out and get a little sail,” he says. Here, Angulo is shown with Angulo Hawaii’s Chango board.