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Eleven-year-old Amanda Mena recently took home the grand prize from La Voz Kids, Telemundo’s children’s version of La Voz, the Spanish rendition of the popular talent show, The Voice. Along with winning the coveted title, the talented fifth grader from Cobbet Elementary School in Lynn was awarded a $50,000 scholarship, a $10,000 cash prize, and a recording contract with Universal Music Latin Group. Although thousands of young people auditioned for La Voz, it was Mena who ultimately wowed the public and judges and brought the title to the North Shore.

“I feel blessed,” said Mena as she entered the auditorium of her elementary school. She was greeted with exploding cheers and applause from her classmates welcoming her back from the competition and chanting her name. Mena beamed with star power and sweet sincerity. The crowd was treated to a flawless version of The Jackson 5 classic, “I’ll be There,” a song that Mena also sang on La Voz Kids. Her performance illustrated a raw talent and ability to captivate a crowd.

Mena told the crowd that she didn’t even realize she had won until the confetti flew and the crowd went wild. She seems happy to be back on the North Shore, fresh from her victory in Orlando, Florida where La Voz Kids is filmed. “You guys are so cute. Thanks for voting for me,” she said waving to her fans.

The students and staff at Cobbet Elementary School watched Mena every step of the way. “Amanda’s success electrified the school community by bringing us together for a common cause and instilling a sense of pride,” said school principal Susanne Garrity. “The school is like a family, and there is no greater joy than watching someone you care about succeed. The way Amanda carried herself exemplified what it means to be a Cobbet Cougar.”

Sara Allen, a music teacher at the school is also quite proud of Mena’s achievement. “She has been a beacon of light for our talented music community at Cobbet, and she has allowed many of our students to share in her spotlight.”

The school chorus serenaded the welcome home crowd with a rousing version of “It’s Time” by Imagine Dragons. Mena jumped in, crooning, “Now don’t you understand? I’m never changing who I am!”