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Where he works

A 47-foot Motor Lifeboat (MLB) powered by two 435hp diesel engines and designed for search and rescue operations in heavy surf up to 25 feet. The boat is also designed to roll 360 degrees (if flipped, it will self-right in under 12 seconds) and is built with bow and stern mounts for .60 caliber machine guns.

Years as Chief Surfman Trainer



Plan, schedule, and train a unit of 28 people, including daily outings on the MLB.

Why the Coast Guard

“I like helping people out. After high school, I was too young for the police academy. My father suggested I try the Coast Guard, and as soon as I started driving the boats, I fell in love with it.”

Hardest part of the job: Leaving the driver’s seat to instruct break-ins (rookies). Why? “Because it’s so much fun driving the boat. I don’t want to give it up. It’s an adrenaline rush. I went sky diving once, but that doesn’t even compare. I haven’t rolled the boat, but I did get it straight up and down at 90 degrees once.”

Most rewarding part of the job

“When the break-ins finally catch on and do it right.”

Best day on the job

“Everyday I’m out here on this boat.”