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Bruins goalie Tim Thomas and his new ARP Clinic seek to help patients heal faster with innovative treatments. By Terri Ogan

Boston Bruins goalie Tim Thomas recently opened his ARP Clinic in Danvers to share the success of an innovative treatment that healed his 2010 hip injury.

The clinic’s CEO, Anthony Bevilaqua, says the unique advanced recovery performance (ARP) treatment reduces any type of pain, from tendonitis to carpal tunnel.

“It’s really offering a service that is revolutionary and groundbreaking in a smaller, tight-knit community,” Bevilaqua says. “If I were a member of this community and this clinic was opened, I’d be pretty excited about it, just because there aren’t many other clinics out there like this where you can get this type of service.”

ARP technology is made for men, women, and kids of any age and in any physical shape. The treatment helps end pain and improve quality of life, whether or not the patient is an athlete. The clinic currently has two therapists and intends on utilizing other ARP therapists to conduct treatments via Skype.

Bevilaqua recalls a 16-year-old boy in the community who suffered from a double concussion during a football game and reaped extraordinary benefits from the ARP Clinic. The patient had been unable to get out of bed and missed six weeks of school. He had severe head pain and migraines and was commuting to Boston’s Children Hospital for treatment and therapy for pain relief to no avail. After hearing about the ARPwave Clinic from a family friend, the young boy went to the clinic, where his pain level decreased from a 10 to a two on a pain scale after just one treatment. He returned to school three days later.

“We can prevent up to 90 percent of most surgeries,” Bevilaqua said. “It can really change the quality of your life and help avoid the use of drugs and invasive surgery.”

Newcomers receive a free evaluation and a free treatment upon their first visit.  Most of them, Bevilaqua said, will walk out of the clinic pain free. Each time the patient comes back, the ARP treatment could potentially reduce their pain by 25 percent.

Thomas chose the North Shore to open up his first clinic because he loves the area and thought it would enhance the community. He hopes to open up more clinics in the Boston metro area in the near future, but right now is focusing on establishing a presence for the Danvers clinic and spreading his passion for this groundbreaking technology. timthomas