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When you’re heading out for a beach day, the North Shore has loads of beaches you can choose from. Crane Beach offers ample space and soft sand, while others like Singing Beach or Good Harbor Beach are more accessible by transportation. To help you narrow down the choice, here are some of the best things to do at these North Shore beaches. No matter your beach style, you’ll find something for everyone.

*Check each town’s website for any potential beach closings.

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Best places to….

Grab a snack

Stage Fort Park, Gloucester

The Cupboard at Stage Fort Park in Gloucester (home of both Cressy’s and Half Moon beaches) takes concession snacks to the next level, serving classics like fried seafood and ice cream alongside quirkier local selections like the bean and linguica plate.

Ride a wave

Long Beach, Rockport

Long Beach—the one in Rockport—offers consistent waves perfect for beginning and intermediate surfers alike.

Take a dive

Nahant Beach, Nahant

At the very end of Nahant, Canoe Beach offers scuba divers intriguing rock formations and crystal clear water.

Go fly a kite

Crane Beach, Ipswich

In Ipswich, Crane Beach’s expansive sands offer ample room for getting airborne.

Ride off into the sunset

Niles Beach, Gloucester

Come evening, the parking at tiny Niles Beach in Gloucester opens to non-residents, serving up views of the Boston skyline and stunning sunsets.

Take public transportation

Singing Beach, Manchester

Singing Beach is only a half-mile walk from Manchester’s commuter rail station, making it one of the only North Shore beaches easily accessible to Boston residents without cars.

Explore a tidal creek

Good Harbor Beach, Gloucester

Good Harbor beach has a tidal creek that’s perfect for little ones to explore. And at low tide, the water recedes far enough that beach visitors can walk out to Salt Island, an uninhabited rocky hill that got its name in 1623 when an English ship stored a load of salt there, only to find it stolen upon their return.