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What he does

West Newbury-based Ventola heads up the visual design and consultation company Display Concepts, Inc., which specializes in window displays.

His clients

For 30 years, Ventola has created themes for numerous retail windows, including displays for John Farley Clothiers in Newburyport and Giblees Fine Clothing in Danvers. Ventola also designs for companies nationally and internationally and has done numerous runway shows.

His approach

“I want to know what [clients] like, where they go to dinner; I want to know about their lifestyle. It helps to formulate a direction for them, so when we do a presentation, we’re probably 90 percent [correct] with the first presentation. That is what has given us the reputation that we have.”

His favorite project

While designing a theme for a New York show based on faux fur, Ventola came up with the idea to use an all-white background with a white stage and to have every model walk down the runway with a St. Bernard—show dogs, of course.

Future projects

This year alone, Ventola has 31 projects for the holiday season. Come November, he will have his displays set, but until then, he will be spending every day in his shop designing and creating.