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New Englanders have never been happier to bid good-bye to winter and welcome spring to enjoy outdoor recreational activities in the warm sunshine. Whether you love to play basketball or tennis, 360 Sports & Syngrass can design and install a state-of-the-art court for your landscape.

Since 2008 Ted Renda, owner of 360 Sports & Syngrass in Beverly, has been installing tennis, basketball, shuffleboard, soccer, roller hockey, volleyball, badminton, and foursquare courts. “Along with inspiring kids to take a technology break and get outdoors and exercise and fresh air, one of the biggest reasons to build a court at home is the ability to keep an eye on your kids and know they are active and safe,” says Renda. 

While some families are fanatical about basketball or tennis, other families may have interests in many different sports. A multi-sport court is a great solution and can be designed to accommodate everyone. While many of his clients from New England are professional athletes, Renda notes that more and more families are installing courts or putting greens to add an element fun to garden parties. 

The courts designed by 360 Sports & Syngrass feature a variety benefits to maximize your game, comfort, and health. The material used for the court is permeable so rain drains quickly, keeps the surface 50 percent cooler than asphalt, allows side-to-side movement (better for back and joints), and keeps the tiles flat for uniform ball bounce.

Some clients choose to add personal touches to their courts such as adding a professional team or college logo. “If your family has extra outdoor space, a court is a great thing to have in your yard whether you are a novice or a professional athlete,” says Renda. To learn more about 360 Sports & Syngrass, visit