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David Winston, co-owner of Winston Flowers, just can’t contain himself when it comes to the subject of garden pots. “I am passionate about containers,” exclaims Winston, whose family has been in the business of floral design for over 75 years. “I love to accessorize projects with the highest-quality vessels. It’s the icing on the cake. Adorning your garden with beautiful containers is like accenting your outfit with a gorgeous set of earrings or a lovely pair of shoes.” 

Winston fell madly in love with containers on a trip to Europe and connected with three or four vendors. “Nobody had vessels like this,” he says. His team visits two shows in Europe each year to cherry-pick the handmade vessels and bring them back to grace New England homes. 

When Winston’s team was asked to work on a design project in Beverly, they were excited to create a beautifully curated container garden that would define spaces with distinct personalities and add an air of sophistication to the lovely seaside residence. “Vessels are an important element in your outdoor landscape, as you can always add new plantings each year,” notes Winston, who chose high-fired clay, handmade containers by Domani for the job. “Each piece shows the unique hands and tools that give it its shape. I selected these high-quality vessels as they will last and withstand the seaside elements,” he says.

Two Domani Atlantis bowls brimming with sculptural foxtail ferns were chosen to define the entry of the driveway. To welcome guests inside, zinc cubes featuring more foxtail ferns, as well as white Angelonia and verbena, were selected to distinguish the planters from the existing green landscaping. “We didn’t want pots with fluffy flowers near the water. We chose sophisticated white flowers,” Winston explains, adding that the plantings are easy to care for and elegant, will last for three or four seasons, and marry different elements to provide the feel of the residence, which he describes as traditional with a twist of modern. 

The backyard features a natural canvas boasting breathtaking ocean views and a generous patio. Containers in varying shapes and materials were curated and strategically placed to help define the different sections of the space. The teak dining furniture afforded the perfect opportunity to pair teak Gommaire containers, while Domani Boston and Texel pots delineate the fire pit area and the entrance to the house. “The earth tones of the fieldstones paired perfectly with the wood element of the containers,” says Winston. 

Simple and textural boxwoods with ‘Diamond Frost’ euphorbia and natural grasses were chosen to complement, rather than overwhelm, the natural landscape. “The perennial grass gives a beach feeling, while the vessel is simple, strong, and clean,” says Winston, noting that the euphorbia feels like a white cloud. “The vessels paired with the home’s architecture make it feel modern.” The creative use of material and texture cleverly defines the separate spaces around the home while still keeping the look natural and cohesive.

“If you are going to be in your backyard, you may as well make it beautiful,” Winston says. With people spending more time in their homes and yards, it seems like an ideal time to think about adding a lovely container garden to your home to enjoy while you sow your dreams of future adventures.