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When Sumner Freedman returned home to Revere after serving in the Navy during World War II to open a small business in 1947, it’s safe to say he could have scarcely imagined what his typewriter repair shop would someday become.

How could he have envisioned the Beach Sales Discount Appliances and Electronics of today, with its sleek and gleaming 10,000-square-foot facility showcasing the latest home appliances in every style and finish imaginable? Or the space-age style “smart” appliances that do everything from help owners cook meals and make grocery lists to enable remote diagnostics and repairs? Or even the simple fact that his great-grandson is now the fourth generation to be part of the family business?

For all the phenomenal changes that Beach Sales has undergone, there are definitely things that Sumner Freedman would recognize 73 years later: a dedication to customer service, an expert staff, and a commitment to working with family and as a family.

“That long-term stability and trust, loyalty, and shared values were really initiated by my grandfather,” says chief operating officer Alison Charney, whose mother and uncle currently own the business. “We pass that on to our customers. We give them the right price and the right advice.”

Today, that ethos extends across all elements of Beach Sales, from selling a complete range of home appliances and electronics—think refrigerators and ovens; washers and dryers; grilling essentials; all your home theatre needs; and much more—to lending their expertise to clients of all kinds.

“We work closely with designers so that we can answer questions and solve problems, at any point [in the design process],” says Charney. “From floor plans to lighting to storage ideas, we help coordinate our efforts with the builders and designers and even the installers.”

Charney says designers and builders often turn to Beach Sales’ experts during a project’s beginning stages to ensure every appliance fits and functions optimally in a space.

“We try to help them look at the whole picture. A well-designed kitchen should reflect beauty, but also functionality because it’s the heart of your home,” she says. “Ideally you want to have the appliance aspect involved at the initial stages of project.”

Doing so can ensure that the perfect oven will also have perfect venting, or that your ideal smart refrigerator will fit conveniently near the sink. That’s why Beach Sales’ staff is all highly trained and experts in all the products they sell.

“We want to do what’s right and is not going to cause an issue down the road where something won’t last in the home,” Charney says. “It kind of has to all piece together… Everybody has to work together for sure to accomplish that optimal function and form.”

Beach Sales is able to offer all of these products and services at great prices, too. The discount appliance and electronics store has been part of a purchasing co-op since 1989, “which helps us compete with the big box stores,” Charney says.

It’s also a high-end shopping experience, thanks to a brand-new, redesigned showroom featuring new and upcoming trends, live cooking demonstrations, smart technology, and sleek design.

Look for trends like Wi-Fi-enabled appliances; mixed metals; matte white or slate finishes; and even ranges that offer “à la carte modular cooking” by combining multiple gas burners with other specialized functions like teppanyaki cooking surface or a wok-style burner.

Combine those on-trend products with an expert staff, and you’ve got a recipe for one of Revere’s longest running—and most beloved—businesses.

“Some of our customers are also third generation,” Charney says. “We’ve remained a permanent fixture here in Revere.”