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This family business is the only custom cabinetmaker in the country that sells direct to homeowners, custom builders, remodelers, and designers nationally and internationally.


Norm and Deanna Stowell started Crown Point Cabinetry in the family garage more than 40 years ago. Though they were a small operation, word spread of the quality and value of the cabinetry Norm built and the outstanding service he provided. They have since retired, but their commitment to crafting the finest quality custom cabinetry and unmatched level of service is being carried on by the next generation of Stowells.

Crown Point cabinetry

The family approach to business is ingrained in everything they do, which allows the cabinet shop with almost 100 employees to be run much the same way it was when it was Dad, Mom and the seven kids were building cabinetry many, many years ago. Because of that approach, the extended family of dedicated employees continue to craft every project with the same level of care.

Discover the Quality and Craftsmanship of Crown Point Cabinetry

Crown Point Cabinetry specializes in handcrafting the finest quality custom cabinetry for the entire home. They are the only custom cabinetmaker in the country that sells direct to homeowners, custom builders, remodelers, and designers nationally and internationally. Unlike a dealer network, in which there is always a middleman between the client and cabinetmaker, Crown Point has an in-house staff of almost 20 designers. Each designer works one-on-one with their clients. It’s this ability that allows Crown Point to listen, understand, and deliver the cabinetry designs that are a perfect fit for every home.

With time comes improvements, and Crown Point has proved that again and again. The standard thickness for Crown Point’s doors, drawer fronts and cabinet face frames is one inch as opposed to other cabinet companies’ ¾-inch. The company offers a full spectrum of customization and options, including one-off specs, angles and architectural challenges. And now they have raised the bar, as every cabinet is built with American black walnut interiors and drawers. Every base cabinet, every wall cabinet, and every tall cabinet. It’s a new standard they are very proud of.

Customization, Quality, and Affordability with Crown Select Cabinetry

But what if a client’s home doesn’t require cabinetry with extensive customization and near-limitless choices? Crown Point has introduced a line of cabinetry to fit those needs beautifully: Crown Select.

Crown Select offers a limited custom line. Most importantly, it’s the same fit and finish, the same quality of materials, the same craftsmanship…but in a more cost-effective line. Crown Select achieves this by limiting endless customization to allow for a more efficient cabinetmaking process, while still providing the most desirable styles, finishes, and options.

The furniture-quality cabinetry is protected by the same oven-baked paints, rich stains, and topcoat, and is handcrafted by the same artisans famous for crafting Crown Point Cabinetry. Because Crown Select is custom-built for each client’s home, they always gets the best fit. And, as in their Crown Point line, a client works directly with the in-house designer. All of that enables clients to acquire custom inset, beaded inset, or frameless cabinetry at a budget-friendly price.

Crown Select cabinetry

Whether a client chooses Crown Point or Crown Select, the cabinetmaker’s on-time delivery schedule is legendary. Once a client has made a financial deposit commitment, production space is booked, and their custom built cabinetry will be delivered in that time frame. It’s as simple as that.

On-Time Delivery and 10-Year Warranty – The Crown Point Promise

Lastly, the finest quality cabinetry is backed by one of the best warranties in the business: Ten years. As well as having cabinetry that is beautiful, functional, and durable for many years to come, there is also peace of mind knowing Crown Point stands behind what they build.

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