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Expert advice for choosing paintings, photography, and more for your entire home.


Choosing wall art for your home is no small task. And the more rooms you have to add art to, the more overwhelming the undertaking seems. Maybe you’ve just moved homes and designing empty room after empty room is getting exhausting. Or maybe you’re looking for the perfect piece of art for the office, or for that one bathroom. Below, you’ll find our top tips, with help from the experts at Singulart, for choosing the right piece of artwork for every room in your home.

The trick is to not overthink it. Choose art that you enjoy looking at — it doesn’t necessarily have to be a huge, difficult decision. To browse original art in all styles and at all price points, we recommend checking out Singulart. 

Singulart is an online art gallery that makes buying original artwork online a breeze. They feature art from thousands of emerging and established artists around the world, challenging the status quo by helping buyers easily engage with and purchase contemporary art, supporting independent artists. They sell oil paintings, photography, sculpture, textile art, and much more. The best part? Singulart carries artwork at all price points, from under $1,000 to over $10,000, so anyone can find affordable, original artwork from this online art gallery no matter their budget.

Read on for more tips from Northshore Home and the experts at Singulart on choosing artwork for every room of your home.

How to Choose Art for the Living Room

Your living room is a great opportunity for hanging a large, attention-grabbing, conversation-starting piece of artwork. Consider your own personal style — what sort of colors, shapes, and design styles do you really love, but that might be lacking from the rest of the house? This is a great place to get creative. Browse Singulart’s discover page to learn more about what inspires you.

Make sure to keep the space cohesive, considering the style of the rest of the room’s design and how that will play with whatever wall art you choose. Maybe you want something loud and creative, but maybe your living room style is more subdued or you’re constantly hosting visitors, in which case you might choose more neutral colors but go for interesting textures. The size of a living room might also be perfect for creating a gallery wall, combining lots of small and medium pieces of original artwork in varying yet cohesive styles for a museum-like effect.

Another living room tip — consider what you see outside your windows. Your living room might have large windows with a nice view or colors of nature, so consider pulling in those tones when shopping online for wall art for your living room.

How to Choose Art for the Bedroom

In the bedroom, one of our top tips here is to stick with subdued, relaxing colors. Blue tones or nature-inspired colors like browns and greens will help turn your bedroom into your sanctuary — and consider avoiding reds and oranges. Keep in mind your bedding here, too. The bed is the focal point of the bedroom, so whatever artwork you choose should look nice with your bed linens.

You can also get a little more personal when choosing artwork for the bedroom, going for pieces that really speak to you. “Your bedroom is your sanctuary, so choose art that resonates with you and makes you feel comfortable and relaxed,” says Montse Piquer, founder and creative director of Moanne Design Firm. “Select pieces that you genuinely enjoy looking at and that evoke positive emotions.” A good option here might be a landscape of a beautiful place you’ve visited. 

How to Choose Art for the Kitchen

The kitchen is a great place to bring in more bright, energetic colors and designs. Oil paintings, drawings, or photographs of food work great here, of course, but feel free to think outside the box with any artwork that’s playful. “Consider art with vibrant colors that infuse the kitchen with a sense of dynamism,” says Piquer, “energizing the environment and elevating the mood of this gathering space.” 

Small and medium artwork works best in the kitchen, since it’s usually already so busy with appliances, cabinets, shelves, dishware, and hanging storage, so we recommend shopping for smaller prints and drawings.

How to Choose Art for the Bathroom

Don’t neglect the bathroom when choosing art for your home! The bathroom deserves some decoration, too, and it’s the perfect area for displaying art that’s small in scale and that deserves a closer look. We love small paintings with delicate details for the bathroom.

Soothing, tranquil pieces, like those with neutral colors or nature motifs, are great for taking your bathroom from mundane to spa-like. But the bathroom is also a great place to bring in more quirky art, like statement prints — guests especially will get a kick out of something silly and interesting to look at in the bathroom. Make sure you’re choosing artwork that can withstand humidity here, like acrylic art, canvas pieces, or art that’s behind a glass frame.

How to Choose Art for the Office

In the past few years, home offices have gone from stuffy, underutilized spaces to one of the most important rooms in the home. When designing an office space, it’s now important to think about what area of the room will be your backdrop for video meetings. Think about how your backdrop wall looks as a vignette, including any wall art, furniture, lighting, plants, or shelving, and go for art that’s not too distracting — calming, cohesive pieces are great here — while keeping in mind how you’re representing your personal style with your art choices. 

In all other areas of the office, this is a great place for super personal pieces like family photographs or inspirational quotes. Your desk should be all about you and your style, so here you should consider putting up small paintings or prints that you really love, or even small sculptural works that inspire you.

For more inspiration on decking out your entire home, head to online art gallery Singulart. The website helps you browse all types of contemporary art from over 10,000 different artists, so you’re sure to find pieces that work for you. And when you’re ready to buy, Singulart ships your artwork directly to you, fully insured. The online art and design gallery is transforming the art buying world, helping buyers more easily connect to and support artists around the world.