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Northshore Home

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A Plush Place to Be

Local residents make big contributions to Boston Design CenterAnyone who is anyone in the world of home design is quite familiar with the Boston Desi...
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The Psychology of Color

I have often wondered if it is any coincidence that the vast majority of people agree that there is nothing quite so lovely as a true blue sky on a s...
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Natural Wonders

Today, the interior design community continues to search for interesting combinations of surface materials. Many have begun to integrate semi-preciou...
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Out With the Old?

When is it worth rebuilding a house and when is it a teardown?Your home just isn't cutting it anymore. Maybe you need more space. Maybe you need less...
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In the Zone

Make sure to get zoning advice before you buyI get a lot of calls from people who have found great lots in great locations with not-so-great homes on...